Monday, July 21, 2014

Half Off Any Cheesecake Slice at Cheesecake Factory

Are you like me in that you love The Cheesecake Factory, but just know it's not the best idea in the whole wide world to simply stop by a CF for a casual Tuesday night dinner? That it could wreck both blood pressure and mental psyche for months on end? YET... you still would pretty much give your right (and left, if need be) arm to try that new'ish Toasted Marshmallow S'more Galore cheesecake?!



Either way, the generous Factory folks want you to stop by their restaurants for National Cheesecake Day. Yes, there's a National Cheesecake Day. And to celebrate, every Cheesecake Factory nationwide is offering half off any* cheesecake slice on Wednesday, July 30th and Thursday, July 31st

((Note: by *any, they mean amongst 30 popular selections; deal also only good for one slice per sit-down dining patron))

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