Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sprinkles' Sugar Free Red Velvet Cupcake Doesn't Make You Want To Jump Off a Building

I wouldn't really call myself a Cupcake Cat because, well, 1) No one should call themselves a 'Cat' of anything and 2) The miniature cakes were never really my calorie bomb of choice. Yet, I have always been a passive cupcake supporter and fan. Like the weird lady who lives down the street that shows up to all of Johnny's soccer games, but sits unannounced under a distant shady tree. 

Thus, when Crumbs crumbled, I felt it an absolute necessity to immediately support the company that started this whole crazy shebang: Sprinkles. You see, unlike Crumbs, Sprinkles makes good cupcakes. They have since Day 1. At every location. I've never had a Sprinkles cupcake that failed to live it to the bakery's astronomic standards. This trip however I really tested founder Candace Nelson's might BY ORDERING THE SUGAR FREE RED VELVET. 

If you remember correctly (or give a hoot), I'm on a low-carb diet for my wedding thingy, so even though it was Saturday Cheat Day, guilt lingered as I approached Sprinkles. After much bartering back and forth with myself,  I ultimately decided to determine the passability of the Sprinkles cupcake with the lowest (albeit still very high) carbohydrat-ic contents. That meant the Sugar Free Red Velvet. 

My analysis is going to sound incredibly cliche, but I feel very confident if you were to give this cupcake to someone who has never had a regular Sprinkles Red Velvet, you could easily fool them into thinking it had sugar. Now, is it as delicious as the normal Sprinkles RV? No, not exactly. Close though. I've long been impressed with the regular Sprinkles' cupcake cake. It's never, in my experience, been over-baked or too crumbly. The same rings true for the sugar free version. The cake is classic Sprinkles - soft, fresh and spongy. And the frosting, although not as indulgent as the regular cream cheese spread, certainly sweet tooth satisfiable. It's about as good as a Sugar Free dessert gets and good for those looking so skip the white stuff (sugar).

Afraid to waste precious dessert consumption on a sugar free dessert? I totally get that, so I recommend you do what I did and get TWO cupcakes. The Sugar Free and a normal one. Eat them in one sitting and then write a blog post giving the impression you were strong and only ordered the Sugar Free one...

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  1. Wow , that was an intelligent way wow to et a compliumentary cupcake. LOved reading your blog post and teh fact that you are so humurous. Will surely see teh cupcake page.