Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Ivy Chopped Salad, Sans the Bullshit

Anyone who has ever had The Ivy Chopped Salad raves about it. Yet, the oft scuttlebutted about Ivy Chopped Salad, due to multiple factors, remained unattainable for plebeians like ourselves. 

Until now. Or maybe for a while. But I just discovered the solution, so... UNTIL. NOW.

What if I told you there was a way to sample The Ivy Chopped Salad without putting up with Shannon Doherty and Verne Troyer sighting Robertson Blvd hoopla? A way to indulge in one of LA's most celebrated salads without forking over an astronomical $27 at lunchtime? Without having to pay double figure valet fees? Without having to sit next to Swedish tourists, Kitson bags at their side, just giving the death stare to everyone that walks in?  

The answer to your hangry prayers is Dolce Isola

Certainly one of the most random restaurants in the whole Southland, 'Sweet Island' sits on a lonely South Robertson stretch in Beverlywood. It may be the same street sign, but this Robertson is a very, very distant cry from the flash-bulb popping, bustling Robertson to the north associated with The Ivy. It is, however, owned by The Ivy and serves as the bakery for both that restaurant and Ivy on the Shore. Like it's sister restaurants, there is very much a faux-faux Mediterranean getaway feel to the place. So much so, the television sitcom-like feel of the place almost makes it charming to a degree.

Aside from handsome breads, pastries, cakes and gelato, there's a sorta/kinda sit-down cafe component to Dolce Isola in which you can order somewhat overpriced appetizers, sandwiches, pizza and salads. Skip everything else on the menu though and order The Ivy Chopped Salad. Whether you enjoy chopped salads, you like salad at all, or you're even hungry, YOU MUST ORDER THIS SALAD to take advantage of this opportunity. Stick it to The Man.

Although not a steal persay at $13 and served on a less than stellar Smart & Final white plastic picnic plate, it's a truly iconic Los Angeles dish. At half normal price. And it's really tasty. One of the better chopped salads around (certainly up there with its arch nemesis from La Scala), TICS comes with a tangy mustardy dressing, along with an infinitesimal amount of toppings, including cubed fresh roasted free range turkey, tomatoes, avocados, hard-boiled egg, crumbled Maytag blue cheese and Niman Ranch applewood-smoked bacon. The kicker that separates it from the pack: nicely-sized fresh golden beets! They can't be beet because a) they taste good and b) golden beets make you feel like Scrooge McDuck as you eat them.

Overall, it's a really solid lunch. In a location that is very central for many people "meeting in the middle," as I was with my friend Andrew (he from WeHo, me from Culver), who recommended the place. The desserts appear solid as well and I might have to return soon to sample the dolce portion of the cafe. You know, for research. And, of course, to stick it to The Man.

2869 S. Robertson Blvd, Beverlywood'ish
Mon-Fri, 8 am - 4 pm; Sat, 8 am - 3 pm

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