Thursday, September 4, 2014

2014's The Taste "Sunday Brunch" - 5 Best Bites and the Best of the Rest

Earlier in the week I highlighted the 5 Best Bites and the such for The Taste's "Field to Fork" event, so now it's time to do similarly for Sunday's late morning/early afternoon bacchanalia, the simply, yet aptly titled, "Sunday Brunch." Co-hosted by LA Times' Test Kitchen Director and (swoon) Thomas Keller (French Laundry and Bouchon and food that is way too good to be true), "SB" featured many local favorites and some welcoming newcomers as well. 

Trends spotted: chicken and waffles and chicken and waffles and chicken and waffles.

(((All photos by Lindsay Flinn)))

The Five Best Bites from "Sunday Brunch"

Chicken Fried Bacon and Waffle (Muddy Leek) - Even though I knew this was going to be available at the event (it was my favorite dish at the The Taste Preview last month), I still got schoolgirl giddy  when I spotted it at the Muddy Leek booth. A waffle with bacon coated with fried chicken batter is simply brilliant. Also brilliant: the fried swine is on the everyday dinner menu at the restaurant as well.

Cinnamon Roll (Farmshop) - I eat too many cinnamon rolls. I probably have never met a cinnamon roll I didn't like. If a Malibu retreat for Cinnamon Roll Addiction existed, my family would probably enroll me without my knowledge. No doubt. That said, the Farmshop 'mon roll is killer. The picture-perfect amount of icing and crumb on top (a lot), an idyllic cinnamon swirl in the middle and the flawless balance between flakiness and buttery pastry throughout. 

Crespelle Alla Sorrentina and Meatballs (Angelini Osteria) - The high temperatures weren't exactly conducive to lasagna ("Italian crepe" to be exact) and meatballs, but with Osteria Angelini, it doesn't really matter. The meatballs were as tender as a baby's bottom, the sauce as sweet as grandma and the pasta, well, angelic. 

Fried Chicken and Churro (Dia De Campo) - As noted above, "Sunday Brunch" featured A TON of chicken and waffles. It was a sight for sore eyes when the waffle was swapped for... a churro. Fried chicken + churro + cotija cheese + fresh salsa = reason to go to Hermosa Beach for a meal very soon.

The Best of the Rest

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