Thursday, September 25, 2014

Introducing The LA Pizza Society...

Do you like pizza? Do you live in Los Angeles? 

If you answered 'yes' to these difficult questions, than The LA Pizza Society is for YOU!

Locals always want to know where to get good pizza in our fair city. The honest answer: almost anywhere. Most just aren't aware of the many new spots or old hidden haunts in their neighborhoods. Isn't it about time we change that? Damn stickity. 

With LAPS we will do just that.

The plan: every other month, pizza-adoring denizens from all around the Southland will meet up at a top-notch pizza joint, converse (probably about pizza), maybe drink a beer or two, and, most importantly, EAT PIZZA. 

To join, follow The LA Pizza Society on Twitter and Instagram.

Information on our first event coming soon.

(P.S. How friggin' beautiful is that Bianca from Milo+Olive above? Makes me cry.)


  1. Whew! For a second I was afraid we'd have to MAKE pizza. This I can do!

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