Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Andy Samberger Sounds Delicious

Umami Burger has done their fair share of celebrity tie-in burgers recently. Unfortunately, the previous famous concoctions simply didn't strike my fancy. The Black Keys are cool and all and make righteous tunes, but their oozy Velveeta burger hardly sounded worth the $13 pricetag. 

I was starting to think there was a reason famous people often don't cook for themselves...

That said, I'm all for the charity aspect of the Umami promotions. If only they released a burger I actually wanted to, you know, eat. Well, they finally have in the form of The Samberger. Named after and in cahoots with actor Andy Samberg (whose moniker was begging for a burger to be named after it...), The Samberger is now available at all Umami locations for the same $13 pricetag with proceeds benefitting The Center For Early Intervention on Deafness. And it sounds down right delicious.

An homage to the comedian's adoration for Chicago-style hot dogs, The Samberger features a beef patty, topped with (Windy City favorite) sport peppers, roasted tomatoes, chopped dill pickles, a kombu (seaweed) relish, poppy seeds and yellow mustard. Sounds ideal for a Lazy Sunday. Or really any day. Or night. Or afternoon.

Go get one at your nearest Umami.

Note: why do celebrities like yellow mustard so dang much?