Friday, October 3, 2014

Taste the Pier Next Weekend at Taste of the Pier.

Global warming supposedly doesn't exist, but it's hot as heck outside. You probably want to head to the beach. You SHOULD head to the beach. When you're there you might get hungry. When this happens, you SHOULD eat food. If only there were an event in which you could go to the beach AND eat food... 

If only... 

Oh wait. Next weekend, October 11th and 12th, from 12-4 pm, there's The 5th Annual Taste of the Pier & Waterfront in Redondo Beach. And unlike most LA food events, in which admission equates to bankrolling a large wedding, The Taste of the Pier is PRO-BONO. It costs $0 to enter. And only a measly buck ($1) for each tasting ticket. You even buy $20 in tickets in advance, they'll soft toss 5 free ones your general direction. A portion of the proceeds benefit local charities as well. So that's beach, food, free, a buck and charity.

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  1. Service at this place is always prompt, professional and courteous. Came here in the summer for some raw clams and oysters. Really fresh and delicious. I ended with the pasta with clam sauce at San Francisco restaurants. This was really amazing!! Afterwards I went home and try to re-create it.