Thursday, October 9, 2014

Final Update: Sidecar Doughnuts Dough Actually Opening in November. Fuck Yeah.

Actual Final Update (10/30/15): Sidecar's opening November 17th! They're real and spectacular.


Hopefully Final Update (7/10/15): Eater LA says an August opening for Sidecar.


Another update (4/24/15): From outside appearances, the build still appears a decent ways out. My 
unprofessional guess: an early fall opening for Sidecar. Delays aside, this place is totally worth it. I stopped by the Costa Mesa shop two weekends ago and I haven't stopped thinking about the 'nuts since. Can't wait.


A few months back it was revealed Costa Mesa doughnut-slinging mecca, Sidecar, would open their second location in sunny Santa Monica. Here's a little update. Although originally planned for a "fall" opening, due to some hiccups (the Santa Monica speciality!), Sidecar Doughnuts is now looking at a February 2015 launch. So, to repeat, awesome, doughnuts, breakfast every morning, Santa Monica, February, 2015.

Also, the location will be at the corner of Wilshire and 7th Street

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I may go camp out now. See you there. Although, my inner fat child may be unable to wait that long and I just might have to make the trek to down to Orange County. The October doughnut flavors just sound too friggin' good: Pumpkin, Hummingbird Cake, Butterscotch Pot de Creme, Pink Lady Apple!(!).


  1. Santa Monica government delays every retail store opening for months, but it seems like they have no problem with the permits that turn virtually anything into a Starbucks in a matter of weeks.

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