Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We Went Under the Knife.

If your eyepieces didn't notice, Unemployed Eater got a little facelift. I know, soooo LA. It was about  time though to transform the weblog from a motif circa 2006 to a more modern, convivial feel. The hope with the new look is to not just provide a more visually pleasant U.E., but also a navigationally simpler one too. It's now easier than ever with the top bar options and an improved "Search" on the side there to find posts, past and present. The new UE even includes EVENTS (!), like the LA Pizza Society, amongst over joyous public outings to come.

As for the future, I plan to try to step up the post regularity. Although much easier said than done, I swearsies I'll do my very best. I shall continue to eat in Los Angeles (and beyond) and tell you all what makes my tongue happy and what makes my tongue sad face.

Thanks again for reading Unemployed Eater. It honestly tickles me silly to see how it's grown over the past few years. Hope you like the new look. And if you hate it, you're a dick.


Have a question/comment/want to contribute/tell me about a restaurant/vent? Email me.


  1. Welcome to the club! The marriage club and the blog facelift club.

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