Monday, November 10, 2014

My Mom Reviews One of the Best Burgers in the World.

My parentals are traveling down under right now and while in Queenstown, New Zealand, they stopped at the much ballyhooed Fergburger. My Mom claims "The New York Times recently named it one of the world's best burgers." Although I couldn't find true NYT proof of this, it certainly has received stateside accolades and write-ups. Despite possibly fibbing about her source, rarely does my Mom send me full reviews on restaurants and since she did for Fergburger, I wanted to share.

Here are my Mom's "comments" on Queenstown, New Zealand's "Fergburger":
Good, but nothing exceptional.The buns are good, but too big (they are baked at their bakery next door).The different toppings are what makes it good.They start at $12.00nz (about $10.00 u.s),  which is kind of pricey for takeout. But it's a good price for here.The best thing about the place are the hours. Open to five a.m., seven days a week! Considering most of NZ rolls up around 6 pm!
She also added that they are super busy...

And to satiate line waiters, they pass out free fry cones...

Thanks for the review, mother!

Queenstown, New Zealand


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