Friday, November 21, 2014

Spare a Dime, Kind Sirs and Madams?

Dear Person Reading This,

I don't think I ask for much here at Unemployed Eater. I eat. I snap pictures of what I eat. I scribble a few words about said photographed foodstuffs. And I place these items in this very space. On your end, you read these tales. That's about it. So, whether you like this blog or absolutely hate it and want to punch me in the ovaries, I ask one thing: please "Like" it on Facebook?

PLEASE? The Facebook Page is fast becoming the epicenter of UE. Simply put, it makes things easier on my end to get the posts out. All blogs are put up there immediately, while the FB page has become one of the better ways to dive into the archives.

It's also the most convenient way, along with the Twitter machine, for us to communicate. Say you have a question, like, "Hey Mike, I'm jonesing for a roast beef sandwich in Century City!" I can respond, quickly, with, "Go to Clementine, you fool!" Or, say, "Mike! I'm depressed. What should I do?" I could fire right back, "First, turn that frown upside down. Then head straight to SusieCakes or Salt & Straw. Or both!" 

You get the point. So I beg, or just kindly request, that you please "Like" on Facebook.

Even easier: simply click on the "Like" button in the Facebook widget in the right frame ---->

Muchas gracias,

P.S. I'm also on Instagram if you want to follow. But I'll put a gun to your head on that one at a later time.

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