Monday, December 1, 2014

My 90-Year Old Grandmother and 4-Year Old Nephew Review Breads Bakery's Chocolate Babka.

In what has become an annual tradition, I once again headed to New Jersey for the holidays and once again snuck away for a day to the big city and returned with a renown New York dessert for my grandmother to review. In a new twist, my 4-year old nephew was also around, so he joined in the festivities.

The subject at hand: Breads Bakery absolutely amazing, beloved, borderline transcendent Chocolate Babka. The sort of babka I would totally understand Seinfeld stealing from any old lady (as long as it's not my Granny). Don't fret if you can't make it to NYC soon though. Breads Bakery now ships the Chocolate Babka nationwide, which is a major win for America.

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And now the reviews...

Granny's Review

First impression: "Good."
Describe the flavor: "The flavoring tastes good."
One of the best chocolate babkas you've ever had?: "One of the best chocolate babkas I've ever had."
Thoughts on chocolate chips in babka?: "Chocolate chips are excellent!"
What should it cost?: "Three dollars... or maybe, three-fifty."
When told real price ($13.50): "Are you crazy? I think it's an excellent babka, but $13?!!!"
A few minutes later... "Can I have seconds?"

Grayden's Review

Upon first glance: "I am not going to eat it."
After much coaxing, he tries it...
Did you like it?: "Uh-huh."
What does it taste like?: "Chocolate"
A few seconds later... "Can I have more?"

Breads Bakery
Union Square, NYC


  1. Your Granny and nephew are adorable and the babka look delicious! Kelly F

  2. Where in Jersey? I’m from Bergen County! Also, I meant to ask if you’ve seen the movies from “The Chair” (the Project Greenlight show on Starz) which take place in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving? My friend Anna did the one called “Hollidaysburg” which I recommend!

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