Monday, January 5, 2015

10 Things I Want From 2015 LA Food.

It may be a new year, but I still plan to eat food. Just like last year! So, with that in mind, I thought I'd share the things I most hope for the upcoming year in Los Angeles edibles/liquids....

1. Sidecar Donuts open in Santa Monica already! Is it February yet? Oh, right, it's January. Okay, so we got a WHOLE month for LA donuts to go beyond.

2. How about a new burger to love? It seems like almost every LA beating second a new burger is introduced, but how about one affair-worthy (e.g. Father's Office/Plan Check)? Like, "Basic Instinct"-Sharon Stone-esque. A burger so come-hither it's worth ruining your life for.

3. Everyone and their mother has bitched about the menu ubiquity of Brussels Sprouts and/or Kale Caesars. I, for one, LOVE BOTH OF THESE DISHES (so shoot me) and hope they never go away.

4. I swore my fro-yo allegiance to Menchie's a while back. Real talk though, Menchie's: your flavors suck. When your most exciting flavor in months is a Cinnabon-inspired concoction, you need to give yourself a long, hard glimpse in the mirror. I am very, very close to becoming a frozen yogurt free agent once again.

5. Cocktail menus need to chill the fuck out. 

6. Okay, Roy Choi, you've screwed with us Westsiders long enough. We call mercy. Give us Chego again please. Please? And no, the limited Chego menu at The Alibi Room is not enough. I want Chego for lunch goddamnit. Or afternoon snack. Or whenevs.

7. Eater LA reports DTLA's ChocoChicken is temporarily closed. My thoughts: don't re-open. It's pointless. The food is underwhelming and overpriced. The concept is gimmicky. And worst of all, the place has the feel of a sterile, sitcom sports bar set. Owner Adam Fleischman has given us some great stuff (Umami, Smoke Oil Salt), this is not one of them.

8. On the flip, it appears super-talented chef, Ricardo Zarate's fast casual fried chicken concept may not be coming to Culver City after all. Unlike ChocoChicken, I hope the opposite is true here. I hope Zarate finds a way to turn around his fortunes.

9. (The already better than it receives credit for) LA pizza scene gets even better.

10. In 2015, I must finally try The Cofax Breakfast Burrito I've waxed poetic about. Same for Commissary's French Dip. Also Belcampo's Burger. And L.A. Chapter's Black and White Cookies. I'm thinking on the same day. Anyone want to join? We would start at Colfax and head east (Commissary --> Belcampo --> L.A. Chapter). 

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