Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm Cool With This. Yogurtland Offering FREE Froyo February 2nd.

Froyo is pretty good. FREE froyo is even better. In their annual celebration of the very important and utterly American holiday, National Frozen Yogurt Day, local and national chain, Yogurtland, wants to give you free frozen yogurt with toppings from 4-7 pm on February 2, 2015. There is no weight limit either. None. Whatever you can fill in your (very commemorative) cup(!). Sounds like a challenge I will very happily accept. 

Also note:  that's a Monday, which, we all know, is the best and most necessitated day for frozen yogurt and shit tons of toppings

For the big day, Yogurtland is also introducing some specials, including a Chocolate Milkshake flavor and mini York Peppermint pattie topping. Find your nearest Yogurtland here.

One NFYD celebration simply not enough? Although they may differ on when exactly to celebrate this cherished holy day, don't forget Menchie's slings au gratis as well on February 6th.