Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Prime Pizza: Good Pizza. On Fairfax. Finally.

The Fairfax District -- which, by the way, I say with air quotes as I type it because is it a real thing? --  was long a culinary wilds. It was Canter's or it was nothing. And, no matter how nostalgic you are, who the heck wants only Canter's? Over the past few years, thanks in large part to the Animal guys and the Golden State guys and the Plan Check guys and other guys, the District is thankfully very much no longer a one trick pony. In fact, it's now one of this fair city's more compelling food neighborhoods. Even better: now it also has a really, really good slice shop too. 

Screw The District, this is a top LA sliceryPrime Pizza, from the aforementioned Golden State/Breathtaking Breakfast Burrito I Sadly Haven't Had Yet guys, slings New York-style pizza, by the slice and by "the whole pie." The slices are thin, yet filling, thanks in large part to a very sizable and crusty rump. Although all the slices do the trick, I'd steer you toward the Pepperoni, if only because Prime uses what it is referred to in my home as "cute pepperonis." You know what I'm talking about: small, circular 'ronis, that, when baked, crisp and curl up and become birdbaths for oily, unctuous goodness. They also do a mean Garlic Knot. These aren't your shitty corner store pizza shop knots either. They're thick, almost dense, garlicky, sourdough-like braids of heaven. 

But enough with my boring wordpieces, just look at the pics already. I know that's all you care about.

Photo Courtesy of Farley Elliott's (most follow) Instagram
Photo Courtesy Prime Pizza's (also should follow) Instagram.

446 N. Fairfax, LA.
Tues-Thurs & Sun: 11-11; Fri & Sat: 11-2am.
Delivery Avail.

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