Tuesday, January 27, 2015

We Should All Scream Because Salt & Straw's Scooping FREE on Valentine's Day in Brentwood.

No doubt about it, Rose City ice creamery, Salt & Straw has been an unequivocal success since opening their first Golden State location on Larchmont late last year. Heck, their Salted, Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough made my Top 14 of '14 after only one taste. Many on the westside though, hampered by traffic and kids and work and life, have yet to experience the lusciously velvety goodness. Salt & Straw wants to change that.

For Valentine's Day, S&S will park their ice cream truck out front of Brentwood chocolate sanctum Compartes from 1-3 pm and will be doling out FREE MINI-SCOOPS of two of their February seasonal flavors. Part of an overall chocolate-based February special menu, the two pro-bono flavors on offer both feature the aforementioned Compartes. Note to male people out there: you should already be going to Compartes on V-Day, so now you get a free scoop as a reward for not buying her CVS chocolates she'll pretend to like, but actually really, really loathe.

Can't make it to Compartes? You're in luck! The Salt & Straw February Chocolatier Series consists of four all chocolate-based ice creams, all of which came about via collaboration with notorious California artisanal chocolatiers. Besides the two Compartes flavors, the Larchmont shop will also feature one flavor each from Santa Barbara's Twenty-Four Blackbirds and Chocolate Maya from January 30th until March 5th.

912 S. Barrington Avenue, Brentwood. 

Salt & Straw
240 N. Larchmont, Larchmont.


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