Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Komodo's New Happy Hour Menu Will Make You Very Happy.

It's no secret I like Komodo. It's also no secret I like Happy Hours. So when Komodo launches an eclectic weekday, 4-7 pm Happy Hour? I'm a very, very happy man. And you should be too because the food is both the most refined we've seen from the flavorsome food truck turned fine fast casual brick and mortar, but also some of it's tastiest. Composed of items inspired by Chef Erwin Tjahyadi's recent domestic travels, the HH menu takes you from Maui to Nashville, with multiple stops in between. The bill of fare also includes $2 off any beer (a recent addition to both the Beverly Hills/Kosher Corridor and Venice/Santa Monica restaurants).

Although there are multiple standouts, the star of the show is definitely the Lahaina Sliders (picture above). Outside of appearing Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition model hot (like, they deserve the cover), they are some of the tastiest sliders I've had in a long while. The trio of ground sirloin patties come topped with chipotle Thousand Island, cheddar cheese, quail egg, bacon and carmelized onions, sandwiched between an always lovely King's Hawaiian roll. They're the type of sliders you want to say "aloha" to. Only when it means "hello" though; you will not want to say "goodbye" to these sliders. And, like with most of the menu at Komodo, you won't leave hungry as the three sliders are plenty filling. 

Enough with my words. Here's some picture things of other menu items...

Fuzhou Fish Balls (minced pork-stuffed) w/ Cuttlefish Ink Cream Sauce. 
Deep Fried Oxtails.

Bacon Wrapped Dates stuffed w/ Garlic Thyme Goat Cheese. 

New Happy Hour Menu. Weekdays. 4-7 pm.
8809 W. Pico Blvd, LA/BH.
235 Main Street, Venice/SM.


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