Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sweetness. Peet's Offering Half Off Blended Drinks For A Whole Month.

The Peetniks have a nifty offer that is going to be really, really hard to ignore as the temperatures climb: HALF OFF ANY SIZE, ANY FLAVOR OF THEIR NEW "JAVIVA" BLENDED DRINKS... FOR THE NEXT MONTH. The deal goes from 12-4 pm every day, between April 15th and May 12th, 2015. No coupon necessary. So, technically, you could go to Peet's every day for the next month. Or, even better idea: "treat" the entire office to blended drinks after lunch - and then upon check out, feign absolute shock when everyone's beverage is rung up half off.

Although I always enjoyed their previous blended incarnations (The Freddo), the new Javiva starts with a stronger, freshly-brewed coffee base that really elevates it. Don't believe me? You should. I write a food blog. Either way, you can read their literature for yourself all about their latest bev.

Find your nearest Peet's location here.