Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Amorino Brings World-Class Gelato To Beverly Hills. Gelato Suddenly Everywhere.

Almost out of nowhere gelato is The New Pokē, which was The New BBQ, which was The New Locally-Sourced Coffeeshop, which was The New Insert LA Food Trend here ________. West LA especially, long ruled by Robertson Blvd-mainstay, Al Gelato (which, by the way, also serves really underrated Italian dinner fare), all of sudden finds itself laden in gelato spots.

One of the brightest newcomers is Amorino, a global gelato chain that recently opened their first LA location in the 90210. That's Beverly Hills for those who never watched TV ever. Aside from serving some creamy, delicious gelato, one of the highlights of Amorino is most certainly the very Italian presentation as seen in the picture above. It looks like a goddamn rose! Every cone comes that way. It's almost too beautiful to eat. But, dude, eat it! It's really good.

Amorino also offers, amongst other items, macaron ice cream sandwiches and sweet waffles. Now open on Little Santa Monica, stop in to Amorino Sunday through Wednesday 11 am to 11 pm and Thursday through through Saturday 11 am to midnight.

**Full disclosure: they hand-delivered a gelato package to my door for sampling. Further disclosure: I wouldn't write about it if it wasn't legit. Furthest disclosure: go there.**

9605 S. Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills.

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