Wednesday, May 20, 2015

BOGO With A Charitable Twist at Umami Next Week.

While I certainly don't recommend eating the entire Umami Burger menu in one sitting because that would be incredibly foolish, I do think the local mini-chain's latest promotion may be worth your time and stomach. Next Thursday, May 28th, all Umami locations, in accordance with something known as National Hamburger Day, will be running a non-traditional Buy One, Get One deal. Known as the "Get A Burger, Give A Burger" campaign, all patrons who order a burger will then receive the option of one of three things: 1) Receive a FREE burger coupon for themselves for June, 2) Gift the FREE burger coupon to a special someone for June, or 3) DONATE the free burger amount The Feeding America Network

Hint: do the third option

Find your nearest Umami location here.

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