Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This Weekend You Can Eat A Chicken Fried... Sausage. On a King's Hawaiian... Waffle.

This weekend, the twenty-seventh and twenty-eight of June, two-thousand and fifteen, Dog Haus' Pasadena biergarten location wants to blow your fucking mind. How, you inquire? By offering a Chicken Fried Sausage on a Waffled Bun. To be exact, that's a chicken sausage, butterflied, hand-breaded and then deep fried. The sausage is then topped with a sweet maple and buttermilk coleslaw, all atop a WAFFLED KING'S HAWAIIAN BUN. Then, of course, a little chestnut honey drizzle as the finishing touch.

Not gonna lie: that sounds amazing. And in today's world of exaggerated/ridiculous chicken and waffle price inflation, the $6.99 pricetag sounds downright thrifty. As aforementioned, this special sausage creation, going by the moniker, The Southbound and Down, is available this weekend only at the Pas Biergarten locale. Plan your weekend accordingly. 

Can't make it out this weekend? Fret not sausage sweetheart, they're opening like a bajillion Dog Haus' in The Golden State in the very near future.

98 E. Green Street, Pasadena.
11 am - 10 pm.