Tuesday, July 28, 2015

DEALEO: Burgers & Beer... & You... & Your Three Closest Buds.

Does it feel like with summer almost at the midpoint you just haven't had your summertime's fill of burgers and beer? Or, maybe you've abided a plenty of one, yet not the other? WELL, BRO, YOU'RE IN LUCK. LA Weekly (who, completely unrelated, recently did a rad write-up on our very own LA Pizza Society) is throwing an aptly titled, Burgers & Beer event next Saturday, August 8th, 2015. 

The day event (3-7 pm) at The Coliseum features thirty plus of the city's top burger and brew purveyors, including U.E. burg faves, Belcampo, Cassell's, Little Dom's, Plan Check and The Independence and beers from The Dudes Brewing and Telegraph Brewing, amongst many others. To sweeten the deal they're now offering four tickets for only $199. That's like a hundred buckarroos savings off the individual ticket price! 

To get your tix, go here and select "General Admission - Burgers & Beer Buddy Pack.


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