Thursday, July 9, 2015

YASSS. $10 off UberEats through Sunday.

I've previously extolled the virtues of UberEats, so I won't bore you. But what you do need to know: they're running a $10 off campaign right now for virginal users. So that means, from today, until Sunday, you can get ten buckaroos toward your first UberEats meal. And since most of them cost not much more than that, you're basically getting a top LA meal, delivered to your home/work/office/dentist chair/skatepark/hookah lounge for close to free. Just open the app, click on the silohuette icon in the top left, then "promotions" and enter : EATSLAJULY6.

While they offer top notch options on the reg (Bay Cities! Grub!), today is actually cool because the much beloved and missed Starry Kitchen is doing dinner via UberEats for a one night special. The above pictured Malaysian Curry Chicken comes with sweet potatoes, carrots, rice and SK's famed Tofu Balls, which are, to use a term I shouldn't use as a grown ass man, amazeballs.


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