Monday, September 14, 2015

From The Road: There's a Pierogi Fest in Pittsburgh This Weekend. And I'm Going.

Anyone who has ever been to Pittsburgh knows they take their pierogies VERY, VERY seriously. One could say too seriously (although it's hard to deny their potato-filled deliciousness). Thus, it should come as nary a surprise that the City of Bridges this Saturday will become the #CityofDumplings via the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Pierogi Fest

Akin to the left coast's Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Fest (yet on a smaller scale), PPF is basically a pierogi pageant of epic proportions. On offer, aside from the 25 classic pierogi vendors, are pierogi mash-ups like the pierogi burger, pierogi taco, pierogi grilled cheese and pierogi crepe, amongst other creative pierogi-centered dishes. There's even a "Pop Up Pierogi Marketplace," selling local artisan pierogi-inspired crafts. 

Anyway... why am I mentioning a food festival across the friggin' country in Pittsburgh, PA? Well, as luck would have it, I'm actually going to be in the Steel City and, in return, at PPF! Follow the Twitter and Insta for pierogi porn like you've never experienced.