Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Things I Really, Really Like Eating Right Now: Salt & Straw's Apple and Doughnuts Ice Cream.

What: Salt & Straw's Apple and Doughnuts.
Where: 240 N. Larchmont Blvd, LA.

Why: My affinity toward Salt & Straw is nothing novel. The Rose City ice cream purveyors have scooped a sizable part of my sweet heart ever since debuting on Larchmont last year. And now the news they're coming to AK? Tiger Woods fist pump! One of the characteristics that separates S&S from the competition -- sans the creaminess and flavor profiles -- is their rotating monthly specials board. Weighing heavily on locality and seasonality, each calendar month they feature an array of flavors, many of which unlike anything you've ever tried in ice cream form. However, as much as I enjoy the new options, I rarely sway from my go-to (Salted Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough), no matter the specials. That has changed -- for September at least. Along with with four others (Apricots & Citra Hops, California Rocky Road, Pomegranate Molasses Sorbet and Stone Fruit Pie), this month only you can get the splendiferous Apple and Doughnuts. And you should. As many times as your body allows. Starting with their normal base, Salt & Straw mixes in cinnamon and spice, then homemade apple pie filling, followed by chunks of fresh... SideCar Doughnuts' signature salty and buttery doughnuts! LA's best ice cream with pieces of soon-to-be LA's best doughnuts? Are you freaking kidding me? Yes! And sizeable chunks too. Not your garden variety barely-noticeable pieces. My unscientific hypothesis: you get like a doughnut plus in a pint alone. The combo of the apple pie and salty doughnuts create an East Coast Cider Mill mouth experience that we all deserve and miss dearly on our fair warm weathered coast.