Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Open Letter: There Should Be A Westside Dinette.

To Whom It May Concern:

A few months back I abruptly woke up my wife on a Saturday morning and the following conversation took place:
"I want to go out for breakfast."
"Of course you do. Where?"
"Where's that?"
"Oh, uh... Echo Park?"
"Is it worth it?"
"Think so."

We then proceeded to hop into the silver Rogue to flock east... very east for what is essentially a glass-encased waffle-slinging window adjunct of a 99-Cent store with very limited outdoor seating. Description aside, I'm really glad we did. For one, the place is charming as all heck. The baby panda (with a personality) of breakfast windows. Secondly, the waffles are my favorite in LA. Not too dense, crispy but not too crispy, they hold their high quality maple syrup like a boss. The eggs also demonstrate a deft you don't usually receive at dollar store cantinas. And fret not white women of LA: I haven't had it yet, but Yelp praises their Avocado Toast. Repeat: THEY HAVE GOOD AVOCADO TOAST, says the WWW.

Dinette is the epitome of an Unemployed Eater restaurant. Exactly what I scour this city far and wide for: character, charm and quality, at a reasonable pricepoint. Since aforementioned inaugural Dinette experience, there has been nary a morn in which I have not craved that waffle. I want it in my belly right now. Here's the problem: it's freaking far away, bro. Too far away. It's one thing to travel to the SGV for some traditional Chinese or the other Valley for strip mall sushi, but to go all the way to Sunset in Echo Park for a waffle and a coffee? Not so much.

So I'm offering a solution: OPEN A WESTSIDE LOCATION. We have plenty of 99-Cent stores! And lots of other random as eff areas for waffle windows. I personally volunteer my non-professional services to do the location search! Does this all sound a little too self-concerned? Yes. Absolutely. But there isn't anything like this on the westside right now. I also know for a fact I'm not the only westsider to make the pilgrimage. Thus, there is already a built-in audience! You're like a Marvel movie. Those movies keep inexplicably making major bank too. Heck, your small metal tables? That's practically fine dining compared to what Venetians happily put up with at Gjelina Take Away. Furthermore, Blue Star and the pending Sidecar only further prove there's a demand for quick breakfast spots over here.

At the end of the day, I just want to be able to wake up the wife lady and say we're going to Dinette and it not take all day to get there. Oh, and I want a waffle. Right now.