Friday, November 20, 2015

Turducken. Sausage. Pure Autumnal Joy.

I'll refrain from boring you with my vocables today and make this snappy. The dandy dudes of Dog Haus extended an invite to come try their November special, The Turducken sausage. I, not being a freaking idiot, accepted the aforementioned summons. The result: pure, multi-colored foliage, thick wool sweater, cashmere scarf, autumnal bliss in sausage form. The turkey-duck-chicken link comes topped with sage gravy, a Brussels sprouts and bacon slaw and crispy onions. To make things even better: like all Dog Haus entrees, the Turducken comes on a King's Hawaiian bun. Gimmick aside, the sausage is also surprisingly flavorful and juicy for a budding fast food chain. 

The Turducken goes for a reasonable $7.99 and does the trick alone - although DH has tots. So get tots too, bro. It's the fucking holidays for godsake's, you deserve it. The seasonal specialty is available at all Dog Haus locations until the end of the month, which includes the new USC sausagery.