Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I'm Going to LA Weekly's The Essentials Saturday. Essentially, You Should Too.

Ever wondered how you could sample almost two-thirds of this year's LA Weekly Essential 99 Restaurants in one glorious, gluttonous eve? No? Oh, okay then. Well, I'm going to tell you anyway: YOU CAN DO IT THIS SATURDAY. SIX TO TEN PM. IN DOWNTOWN LA. AT "LA WEEKLY'S THE ESSENTIALS."

Sixty of the ninety-nine restaurants will be passing out bites - that's 60.60606060%! Even better news: there's still a few tickets left. Go buy them! At $70, they're actually quite reasonable for this sort of soiree. Even better-er news: I'll be there, along with the likes of Cassia (the place your Santa Monica friends won't shut up about!), Jon & Vinny's (they just got their own line of Vans!), Mozza (a classic!), Trois Mec (so hot and French right now!) and Wexler's (Jewish deli that actually tastes good!), amongst many, many fellow LA phenoms and stalwarts. 

Case in point that The Essentials is essentially what you should be doing this Saturday? Beloved fermentation upstart and James Beard Semi-Finalist nominee, Baroo, is closed the entire week to prep for the big event. Is this due to only having TWO employees? Maybe. Yet, it also further illustrates the magnitude of The Essentials invite.

Here's LA Weekly's 2015 99 Essentials. The 2016 list will be released later this week.

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