Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What To Order For Brunch At Fratelli Cafe on Melrose.

Ever spend an entire weekend morning in line at Blu Jam? Then, finally get in, sit, order, eat your brunch, pay, leave, get back in your car, drive away and ponder, "WHY THE HELL DID I JUST SPEND MY ENTIRE WEEKEND MORNING IN THE BLU JAM LINE FOR THAT?!" Don't get me wrong, Blu Jam offers up a very serviceable brunch, but certainly nothing worth the queue.

So... I've got an alternative right across the street: Fratelli Cafe.

If you're a Melrose neighborhoodie you already know all about Fratelli Cafe, which for seven years now has stood as a local stalwart (they literally know every other person's name who walks through the door; it's like... I don't want to say "Cheers," but I can't think of another show, so... "Cheers."). Offering their breakfast and lunch menu all day, every day, there's plenty to choose from. And although on the weekend it can get popular, the wait never even comes close to their adjacent brunch brethren.

The Fratelli folks recently invited the wife lady and I for Saturday brunch and these are the three items you should order next time you're craving solid food without a stupid wait on Melrose...

The Fratelli Crepe is a little thicker than your normal crepe, but I didn't mind that at all. In fact, it made the meal slightly heartier compared to a thinner base. It comes packed with softly scrambled eggs, tons of mozzarella and basil, with a creamy bechamel atop and a side of FC's house potatoes. This seems like the ideal order if you can't decide between breakfast or lunch.

On the other hand, the French Toast is a perfect classical rendition of the breakfast staple. We originally didn't order it, but the waitress insisted and I'm pleased she did because it was our favorite of the morning. Nice thick slices with a solid crunch, in a city packed to the gills with superb French Toast, this is certainly up there.

I don't understand how until now I've been eating my Red Velvet Cake NOT out of a jar. It's just so fun! Fratelli has a wide assortment of muffins and the like, but I'd steer you toward the red velvet in the jar, which has a nice cream cheese frosting layered within.

Fratelli Cafe.
7200 Melrose Avenue, LA.
Mon-Thurs, 7am-7pm; Fri-Sun, 7am-6pm.


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