Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Slice of LA's Best Cake. On Your Birthday. For FREE.

There are the universally good things in life. A Steph Curry three. Baby pandas. Air conditioning. Vin Scully's odd stories. The unassuming hot chick in Accounting. And, of course, slices of SusieCakes. Very little makes me rosier than stopping by the local SC, picking up a slice and not sharing it. 

Anyway... What if I told you you could have all this... on your birthday... for FREE?

Well, one, I did just tell you. In the above sentence. And in the title post. So don't be that surprised, bro. Nonetheless, this is not a fable. This for real. SusieCakes recently launched a new app. Download it to your mobile device. Open it, enter your birthday. Then on the aforementioned day, hop in your car/Uber/Metro train/bike/longboard/own damn two feet and mosey down to any local location for your gratis slice. (There are now 11 SoCal bakeries by the way. So no excuses, bud.)

While there are many top cakes in LA (examples here and here), as a whole, nobody offers a stronger cake by the slice collective than my dearest Susie. The most difficult part of this whole situation is probably figuring out which slice to go with. It is your birthday after all and you want this to be Molly Ringwald-special and not fucking blow it. My recs: I'm usually partial to the Classic Marble, but the Vanilla Celebration and Luscious Lemon are nothing to sneeze at. Besides, you shouldn't be sneezing on cakes. It's rude - and unhygienic.