Friday, April 8, 2016

FREE FREE FREE: New 800 Degrees Pizza in Hollywood Offering Free Pizza & Drink ALL DAY.

You're smart and educated and know what to do in such situations, so I'll keep this brief: 800 Degrees, the forbearer of the make-your-own, Ford Model-T assembly-line pizza game (and still, by far, the best), is opening a Sunset and Vine location in Hollywood on Monday. To celebrate/work out the kinks, they are opening to the general public all day today, Friday, April 8th. And if you prove you're a social media follower (either here or here), they'll give you a FREE TWO-TOPPING PIZZA AND A FOUNTAIN DRINK.

The deal runs 12 pm to 10 pm today at the new 800 Degrees at 1539 N. Vine Street in Hollywood.

Next LA location for 800 Degrees: Playa Vista, which is coming soon'ish.


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