Monday, May 9, 2016

About Our Next Pizza Eating Gathering...

Of late people have been clamoring for information on the next LA Pizza Society. I have jolly news: we have a location! We have a date! We have a time! However, with a few more kinks to iron out, this serves merely as an announcement that... we'll have an announcement early next week and tickets will be available by the end of next week! Aren't announcements of announcements the best?!

I will say this: this spot makes delicious pizza. You will not be disappointed. Also: the event is in June, my birth month. 

So... in the mean time, follow the LAPS Instagram and stop eating immediately to make room for a shit ton of pizza next month. Then come back to this very space early next week for the news.

P.S. Per usual, the above pictured pizza is NOT a clue. That's a spinach-kale dealeo from Stella Barra.


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