Monday, May 16, 2016

Announcement: The Next LA Pizza Society Will Be Hosted By... On... At...

Instead of wasting your precious post-lunch procrastination time, I will cut to the chase: we officially have a location and date for the next LA Pizza Society! Our second rendezvous of 2016 will be hosted by...

Pizza Romana.


June 11, 2016.


2:30-4:30 pm.

Pizza Romana, located on the heart of La Brea, serves super fresh, authentic Roman-style, spotted yet chewy crusted, pies out of their authentic Morello Forni oven. Possessing a vast pizza menu, the classics are certainly there, but PR also specializes in the slightly more extreme, with innovative pizzas topped with the likes of bolognese, braised short rib and Buffalo chicken. It's really good, according to LA Weekly! For our LAPS event, a large swath of the Romana menu will be served.

The price: $20. Yep, only $20. Entrants will get the unlimited pizza, one beer/glass of wine and a brief pizza-making tutorial. If that wasn't enough: PIZZA ROMANA IS DONATING ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE EVENT TO HILLSIDES! Founded in Highland Park over a century ago, Hillsides assists at-risk youth and children and their families in all aspects of life. In conclusion: they're the very good guys.

At LA Pizza Society, we are beyond honored to be teaming up with Pizza Romana on this charitable afternoon. Pizza. Drink. Charity.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday. Check back here at UE for the ticket link then.

Pizza Romana.
615 N. La Brea Avenue, LA.
June 11, 2016.
2:30-4:30 pm.
$20 per ticket (unlimited pizza, one drink, tutorial; all proceeds to Hillside).


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