Tuesday, May 10, 2016

You Should Be Eating This Right Now: Bondi Harvest's Whirley Bowl.

What: The Whirley Bowl (chimichurri-dressed cauliflower rice, mahi mahi, slaw, avocado, yogurt tartar, hand-chopped salsa)
Where: Bondi Harvest (1814 Berkeley Street, Santa Monica; 7am-4pm weekdays)

Why: It's no secret I do my darndest to eat low-carb weekday lunches. But how many fucking salads can a grown ass man-child eat before he wants to jump off the U.S. Bank Tower (LA's tallest building; I Gooogled it)? No, seriously, how many? I'm asking for a friend. So... when a new spot comes around on the westside slinging innovative, tasty, filling, surf-inspired, Aussie, manly-enough bowls of awesomeness? I'm game. The belle of the ball: Bondi Harvest's Whirley Bowl, which is a peculiar, yet satisfying combination of mahi-mahi, slaw, avocado, a tzatziki-esque yogurt sauce, citrusy salsa and a squirt of lemon, all atop a very deceptive chimichurri-dressed cauliflower "rice." Despite the deceptiveness, it's as satiating as "real" rice, yet tastier than your normal, ho-hum rice bowl. Also, Bondi Harvest's first American location (the original is in Sydney's actual Bondi Beach), tucked between artistic creative spaces off Olympic in Santa Monica, gives off a very beach shack vibe and offers charm aplenty.


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