Monday, June 20, 2016

It's Hot As Balls. We Should All Be Drinking These.

Where: Preux & Proper (840 S. Spring Street, DTLA).

What: New Orleans-style Frozen Daquiris.

How Freaking Much: $6 during Happy Hour (every day 4-6 pm).

Why: The more formal Preux & Proper menu upstairs has undertook an ongoing tinkering since Chef Samuel Monsour took over the reigns a few months back. However, some of his strongest work shines downstairs at the more chill bar of the downtown NOLA-inspired spot. I'd argue P&P now offers the strongest Happy Hour food menu in LA. Their poutine fresh-cut fries, catfish Po Boy and skillet mac n cheese are unrivaled at such a pricepoint. 

However, when it's hot as eff like it is right now, all you're searching for is a refreshing, cold ass drink. You'd pretty much kill someone for one. And P&P has been known for their liquored up frozen daiquiris since they opened. Chef Monsour made one slight change though that has really elevated his daqs: THEY NOW CONTAIN REAL FRUIT JUICE. Yes, they are freezing cold, they are boozy, they are slushy, they are creamy and now they actually taste really, really good. None of that hyper-sugary bullshit. They also rotate varying flavors often. Among my favorites are Mint Julep and Apple Pie, but the queen of the ball is the Pina Colada. If it's available, GET. IT. 

Note: upon request they will give you little samples of the different flavors.

Furthermore, they have an enticing street level open air patio. If lucky enough to grab an outdoor table, you're drinking the city's best frozen daiquiri from the city's best Happy Hour in one of the city's most scenic outdoor drinking areas.


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  2. Absolutely! Staying hydrated is crucial, especially in scorching weather. These refreshing drinks are a must-try to beat the heat and keep us cool all summer long! 🌞🍹