Tuesday, October 18, 2016

LA Food Musings. October 2016.

I get asked on occasion/often/too much, "What are you digging RIGHT NOW in LA food?" I usually respond with, "You know, nothing really. Please go away..." Before begging them to stay as I launch into an hours-long, passionate Tom Cruise-in-A-Few-Good-Men-level diatribe. 

Since I haven't been around these blog parts in a long while, I thought maybe I should use this forum to share these current random LA food thoughts... So here it goes. If you like these musings, drop me a comment below or on Twitter, and maybe we'll make it a monthly to-do. If not, well, screw you, bro.

- Huckleberry (Santa Monica) is doing Monkey Bread now. It's so good I'm wholly convinced it could win this election as a 3rd Party candidate. At the very least, it knows the name of one foreign leader. 

- Howlin Rays (Chinatown; pictured atop the post) is not just the city's best hot fried chicken sandwich. It's LA's top chicken sandwich period. Maybe even sandwich-sandwich. It's the tits. Line sucks though. Advice: go early, or post-lunch hours. You can also order 10 sandwiches or more and skip the line before they open. I would happily go splitsies and eat five.

- Lodge Bread (Culver) does a very, very solid shakshouka in the morning. This on top of their already superior Avocado Toast, and Sunday Pizza Nights, their expansion next door can't come soon enough. Added bonus: LB smells like the "fresh bread from the oven" car air freshener that should exist.

- Mozza (Hollywood) still, after all these years, offers the town's superlative "bar deal." A deal I first wrote about all the way back in... 2011 still stands strong. Six hours a day, Monday through Thursday, you get any pizza, a glass of wine and dessert for TWENTY DOLLARS. It's a great example of one of LA's most successful, pricey, busy restaurants making itself accessible to all. Others could learn a lesson.

- Delicious Pizza (West Adams) also recently started a not too shabby Happy Hour. Half off ALL FOOD, 4-6 pm when you dine in. 

- My four favorite LA burgers -- Plan Check's The PCB (pictured above; Sawtelle/Fairfax/DTLA), The Tripel's Pretzel Burger (Playa), The Standing Room's Cash Burger (Hermosa), Stout's Stout Burger (Santa Monica/Hollywood) -- all made Josh Scherer's "The 50 Best Burgers in L.A." LA Mag list. This means either Josh is legit or I'm legit. Or we're both total frauds.

- Kogi Taqueria (Palms) is even better than the truck. 

- Sweet Rose Creamery's (Palisades/Brentwood/Santa Monica/West Hollywood/Studio City) Butternut Squash With Sage Brittle stands as the early favorite for "LA's Top Autumnal AF Ice Cream Flavor." Although I'm eyeing Rori's Pumpkin Creme Brulee for next week. Will report back.

- Finally, although it was months ago, I still think about my dinner at Kato (West LA). It may be in an unassuming strip mall off Santa Monica Blvd, but few meals pack more flavor for the dollar.