Monday, July 10, 2017

Five Best Things I Ate In Seattle.

I had never been to Seattle. Truthfully, I didn't even really know much at all about the city. Other than that it rained a lot. They had good coffee. A bereaving Sam Baldwin couldn't sleep there. The Mariners. Seahawks. Grudge. The galactic needle. "Singles." They toss fish in the air for some reason.

I did know this though: Seattle was a good food city. So with an Alaskan family cruise ahead, the wife figure and I arrived at our port city a good 2.5 days in advance in hopes of... well, eating. A lot. That's exactly what we did. Mostly, by the way, proudly on foot - as we amassed close to 19,000 steps a day. Was that even close enough to burn off the consumed calories? Absolutely not. But, hey, minor victory!

 Here were my five favorite things I ate in the Emerald City...

Veggie Egg Sammy at Dahlia Bakery - When a spot makes their own English Muffins it increases the greatness of their breakfast sandwiches by a 1000%. That's a fact. Well, actually, it's not a fact at all - but you get it. Dahlia makes their own 'lishes, which are about as talented as any British Invasion, and it's all up hill from there. Their veggie breakfast sando is stuffed with fried egg, zesty AF lacinato kale, a generous amount of gruyere and a slather of garlic aioli. Then for texture/awesomeness: they toss in flax, sunflower and pine nuts. The result: as complete and delicious as a breakfast sandwich gets. 

Pizza at Serious Pie (pictured atop the post) - On Twitter and text message marathons, I went back and forth with various folks in the know regarding which Seattle pizza joint I should visit. Ultimately I decided on the O.G., Serious Pie. This was the right decision. Their pizza tastes as fresh as the Pacific Northwestern air. Especially their house pie, a simple concoction of buffalo mozz, tomato sauce and fresh basil. It's a basic bitch for sure. But she's got a great personality. 

Dungeness Crab Pretzel Roll at No Anchor Bar - All I have to say about this: what took so long for seafood to be introduced to a pretzel roll? 

Cookie Dough (and Strawberry Shortcake) Ice Cream at Molly Moon's - She didn't know it, but Molly Moon's had a TON of pressure on her. I had been secretly stalking the Seattle ice cream institution via Insta for years. Online it looked really good. In person... it's really, really good. The cookie dough rivals Portland/LA favorite Salt & Straw's beloved rendition and their Strawberry Shortcake might be the freshest strawberry ice cream I've ever consumed. Both flavors creamy as heck.

Dark Chocolate Decadence Molten Cake at Hot Cakes - An entire, sizable restaurant basically devoted to dessert and, more specifically, personal chocolate souffles. The signature product has to be pretty damn top notch for a spot like that to sustain. My only complaint: some of the molten cake sticks to the side of the paper bowl. If you eat in house, you should get plastic/ceramic, so you can enjoy the whole thing. Who wants to waste any of this glorious cake? Not me. Certainly not me.

All the hits - 

Until next time, Seattle... 


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