Thursday, August 3, 2017

LA Pizza Rankings, August 2017.

A few days ago on Twitter I innocously threw up a very unofficial LA Pizza Rankings. Truth be told, I was in the middle of a poke lunch and I really, really craved pizza. Knowing I wasn't having it that day, I just started to think about what pizza I would have when I could have it. That led to the list.

After a hefty, excitable amount of feedback from you, LA's pizza-eating public, I learned two things: people have their pizza preferences and, more importantly, LA suddenly has really good pizza all over the freaking place. With the Twitter experience opening my eyes, I thought I would revise the list a tick and make it a bit more formal by posting it here on the blog.

(((Something you love not on the list? Tell me about it in the comments or on the Twitter machine.)))

Unemployed Eater's Unofficial But More Official Than Before LA Pizza Rankings, August 2017:

15) Town Pizza (Highland Park).
14) Gjelina (Venice).
13) Hollywood Pies (Mid-City; Go "regular" Deep Dish).
12) Sotto (Pico-Robertson).
11) Pizza Romana (Fairfax/Hollywood; Go pizza and fried chicken).
10) Vito's Pizza (WeHo and Santa Monica).
9) Cosa Buona (Echo Park; Go meaty).
8) Apollonia's Pizzeria (Mid-Wilshire).
7) DeSano Pizza Bakery (East Hollywood).
6) Bestia (Downtown).
5) Jon & Vinny's (Fairfax).
4) Prime Pizza (Fairfax; Go square).
3) Milo + Olive (Santa Monica).
2) Pizzana (Brentwood; Go with their signature pie).
1) Pizzeria Mozza (Hancock Park).