Wednesday, January 10, 2018

There's A Dude Doing Bagels... TO ORDER. And They're Fantastic.

Where: Pop's Bagels.
What: A local pop-up baking bagels to order.

Why: Why the fuck not? It's no secret most LA bagels suck. Like, really suck. Like, a big cultured city shouldn't have such shitty bagels. The past few years that tide has fortutiously begun to shift thanks to the likes of Maury's and Belle's, but there's still a large gaping hole in our wonderful city. About as big as the pizza gap once was and a little bit smaller than the hole in an agent's heart. A new pop-up is hoping to change that with FRESH bagels. Unlike any bagel operation I've ever encountered, Pop's does their bagels... to order. Yep. Each, individual bagel is baked in a tiny oven right after you order it. The result is a crunchy exterior with a warm, chewy center that you simply don't get in these here oceanside parts. They also house-make their toppings and schmear. The combo - a piping hot, personally-baked Plain/Cinnamon Raisin/Everything bagel and scratch made cream cheese - is the stuff of pop-up legend.

For now, Pop's is only available at the occasional event (like the Platform last month for a holiday fair) and by private booking. So, I don't know, maybe a reader should definitely book them for a private brunch or something and definitely, absolutely invite this guy?! Word is they're thinking brick and mortar in the near future. When exactly who the eff knows. So for now, follow along on the 'gram.


  1. Looking forward to a brick and mortar. Sadly, the line was too long by the time I arrived at their Platform pop-up.

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