What is the Unemployed Eater?
An LA-based food weblog, Unemployed Eater covers this fair city's top thrifty provisions. And they won't cost you your first-born! 

Favorites include burgers, budino, pizza, ice cream, burritos, cake, manly salads and chicken sandwiches. 

U.E. was founded in 2010 in hopes of swaying lethargic friends away from their routine of nightly dinners at Subway just because they were too lazy to find similarly priced, local alternatives. The site serves as a guide to all who want to eat like a king on a pauper's salary. ((Note: I learned that saying in Social Science in 7th grade and NEVER thought I'd use it.)).

Who is this 'Mike'?
That is me. Mike is my first name. My parents gave it to me upon birth. 

I am a TV writer that eats food. I live in Culver City with my much cooler wife, Lindsay, and our Boston Terrier, Chloe.

Contact - Mike@UnemployedEater.com

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